Johannesburg/Südafrika: AGUM-Know-How zu Ausstattung eines neuen MEEPs gefragt

Passend zur internationalen Umweltmobile-Tagung im Rahmen der European Green Capital Essen 2017 verläuft gerade die Mail-Korrespondenz mit dem Team eines Mobil-Projekts, das in Johannesburg/Südafrika aufgebaut wird.

Die Auszüge aus den Mails erlauben vielleicht den besten Eindruck über die Arbeit der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Umweltwelmobile AGUM (Mobile Environmental Education Projects MEEPs):

Von: Moroasereme Ntsoane
Gesendet: Montag, 3. Oktober 2016 10:03
Betreff: Mobile Environmental Education

Dear Sir/Madam
I am establishing a mobile environmental education project and i would like to work closely with you so that you can help me set it up here in South Africa, focussing at schools please?
Moroasereme Ntsoane

On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 2:51 PM, Ottmar Hartwig answered:

Dear MEEP-colleague,
thank you very much for your note concerning a new Mobile environmental education project (MEEP) in South Africa .
Please accept my honest apologies for answering so late. Our main job is teaching uproad with or LUMBRICUS- eco-bus during the week. That means we are “on the road and in the woods” mainly during the week. Additionally we adopted 20 years ago the task to function as a secretary bureau for the international network of MEEPs, called AGUM (german:  = Association for Environmentmobiles).
But gradually our seasons is ending in late autumn and we already started building the next conference in march 2017 on the budget-fundaments and agreements we achieved during summertime.
More information on the conference and on us you will find on our homepage or (the same) on . Here, in about 8 languages, we describe working with mobile classrooms and nature awareness by practical- or let„  S say “first hand”- experience in nature and environment of the target groups.
By the way, we try to communicate and correspond on ideas and experience, on technical and didactic equipment, on educational an d administrative problems with  our members. We try to help with on-the-job – knowledge for more than 30 years instead of money. Which we do not have, because we are a free association of colleagues, a NGO without budget and commercial interests.
Under “addresses” you will find lots of pictures of types of mobiles. Maybe you heard of the “OMBOMBO – Mobil” from Windhoek/Namibia, Corris und Maria, the activists being members of the circle of the about 40 MEEPs worldwide.
So we are curious about learning about your ideas and proceedings. At which status are the plans, what will be the technical base of the vehicle, who are the national or regional partners? If you need any phantasies for the bus-architecture just let us know. Have a look at a collection of pictures above..

Looking forward to your answer and remaining with
Best regards for you personally!
And the development of your mobile project!
Ottmar Hartwig

Von: Moroasereme Ntsoane
Gesendet: Dienstag, 15. November 2016 15:10
Betreff: Re: Mobile Environmental Education

Dear Ottmar
Thank you for your reply.  Apologies for taking too long to respond.  Also, thank you for the inspirational photos that you send as well.
Our MEEP is still under development.  We are partnering up with the City of Johannesburg in getting the bus to be part of their city-wide environmental education program.
We are not looking for money of funding.  We are looking for a close working relationship to share ideas and concepts and designs for both the bus and the program.  It is for this reason that i am thankful for the inspirational photos you sent.
The internal layout and what you have included in the Mobile Bus is of deep interest to me.  I am not sure how to equip the bus and install technologies so that it can operate in a flexible manner at school, community centres, and on youth science commemoration days.
I therefore look forward to your technical input in this matter to help us finalise our bus project.

Moroasereme Ntsoane